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The EN-V7 Smart infusion Pump works both on battery and mains supply. Our multi-function infusion pump brings a whole new array of features and benefits for your day-to-day fluid therapy requirements.

Product features:

  • Uses any standard IV sets and stores up to 20 editable brands 4.3-inch color touch screen, parameter setting, and editing directly.
  • Multi-function operation with 3 modes: ml/h (time.rate mode); Body-weight mode and Micro-mode
  • Electric door and anti-free flow clip patented design
  • Flow rates range from 0.01 ml/h to 2,000ml/h with increment of 0.01 ml/h
  • Double CPU for increased safety, Ultrasonic air-in-line detector
  • Optional wireless connection to our C7 Central Station
  • Historic records more than 5000 logs
  • 9 hours battery backup time